Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why You Suck: A Holiday Poem of sorts

Below is a kind of fake flarf poem. I just googled "why you suck" and put together whatever struck my fancy. I think the poem kind of sucks actually, but of course, flarf is kind of supposed to suck, in a way. Anyway, it's just a little experiment, I honestly didn't work on it very hard. Apologies to those excellent flarf folks out there, no insult to your fine form intended!

(And for those of you who don't know what flarf is... google it!)

Why you suck

At investing
in the continually losing democratic establishment .
Before we delve into the dimension of you--
a modest proposal for improvement.
I love Hong Kongers with a sense of humor,
which is why anyone who continues to claim
this is partially written
will find truth in my statements.
You smell.
Do people often tell you that you suck?
Something tells me it's time to start groveling.
Vain attempts at being cuddly and warm.
Reasons behind Europe's anti-Americanism.
Now let's recap on April. Shall we?
You're Mad Right Now.
Everyone else sucking is partially your fault.
You are allied to the whole game and you still can't beat us.
Global warming or no, you disgusting
bug in a textbox control,
do you want an invite to my party at the Brown Palace?
My ego lets you down My ego pumps me up My ego tells me why I am so great ...
This is egregious.
It's easy to see why the Right is losing the battle.
But have fun with your 'boys' weekend.
You won't even try to win.
Your shrivelled testes. Your balls are in my ass.
This place is too much.

1 comment:

Shashi said...

tis the season to quag out
stare at white noise
and say
I can see in three dimensions
Your words have no b-meaning-w

alls well that ends