Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And Why Detroit *Doesn't Suck

I had to get out of my apartment. Too quiet. So I walked down to the organic bakery Avalon. It's an oasis of community here. There' re kids ranged aound a table (at least 10 of them) decorating holiday cookies, chatting and helping each other as their parents hover over them trying to give them creative freedom and a helping hand at the same time. These are the kinds of families that might vote Green but know they need to be responsible and support the realistic (democratic) option, so they bite the bullet.

I used to work here. Made the brioche, and cookies, and worked the front counter. It was back-breaking work for pretty low pay, and yet every hipster in Detroit has worked a stint here, it seems. It's interesting (and often disheartening) to work at a place you have respect for. Hard work and low pay tends to cancel out the political benefits of organic farming. Still, this place makes me happy. It proves that city folks (and suburban folks who work in the city) will actively support , actively *need* a place like this.

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