Sunday, April 23, 2006

I changed my mind, I want to be an archaeologist

or at least go on a dig. Anyone up for it? Check this out. I mean what could be more fun than crouching for hours in the blinding sun brushing dirt off rocks? I'm serious, that sounds like a blast to me. I love rocks, or anything rocklike. And piecing together ancient shards of pottery or tools or bones, perhaps even an entire building or village and then constructing a reading of a former way of life and set of meanings, fascinating. Well, maybe that last part leans more in the direction of anthropology. Or wait, I think that qualifies as a mix of archaeology/anthropology... Yes, I googled it and found this. And then there's this very informative guide to terms and research here.


Or maybe this is another attempt to avoid paper writing? Nah, too obvious.


rachel said...

you should be. my dad is, and he has a lot of fun. theres more that just rocks though.

kfd313 said...

Hi Rachel! I know there's more to it than rocks, I just really like rocks! And it's a funny coincidence that someone from Hawaii would notice this particular blogpost since I was just imagining what an arcchaeological dig would be like in a more tropical climate, and I had Hawaii in mind. I've never been, but I've always wanted to check it out. You sound like you have a lovely life.

sarah ruddy said...

I had an art history professor a long time ago - my earliest round as an undergrad - who was involved in digs at a 14th century abbey in southern France. He offered a few summer internships, and even though he encouraged me to apply, I never did. The idea of sitting in the blinding sun brushing dirt off rocks outweighed how truly cool it would have been. Of course, I now regret not doing it. Who cares about a little dirt and a little sunburn ?

Jessica Smith said...

hi. i found this through sarah's page.

i love rocks! i think it'd be cool to be a geologist. but i hate caves (the possibility of falling into deep abysses). and maybe you have to go into caves to be a geologist. i think it'd be cool to dig up old civilizations. when i was a kid i read and reread a book about pompei. they probably need more women in fields like that. since women think differently and would be able to offer new perspectives for "what was this fragment?" maybe it wasn't always an "urn" or "vessel." there's got to be something freudian to say about that.