Saturday, November 17, 2007

Things I've Lost

Adorable little turquoise ring bought in Arizona by my mother-- age 5 in the local swimming pool. (She never let me forget it).

Small pieces of Petrified Forest rock.

Opal ring stupidly lent to unstable college friend who promptly went "crazy" and was carted off to hospital the day after.

Copy of Michel Leiri's Manhood.

Favorite brown sweater (How?)

Picture of high school friend with my new mohawk and pink blue diejob.

Tape of me and 2 friends both named Heather stoned out of our minds performing various high school gossip rituals, singalongs, insane ramblings--a work of complete mid 80's genius!

One earring of small little woman made of clay. (The other earring--the little clay man--still haunts my jewelry box and bums me out every time I look at it).

Slovenian Grandmother's recipe for plum pudding.

Birth certificate.

To be continued...

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