Monday, June 19, 2006

The view

So this, kids, is my route up from downtown Ithaca to Cornells campus. It is both spectacular and kinda scary (in parts). This is all I have time for. I miss people!


Kim Lacey said...

Hey Kristine! Glad you two made it out there.
Ohhh...I'm totally jealous. But scary and beautiful indeed. Looking forward to more Cornell updates (and poolide chats come August)

JustinP said...

Hey K,
Isn't it Gorgeous?? After Cornell, I had to consciously suppress that word from my vocabulary...
I'm glad you're enjoying the scenery. The crags, the flows, the aching feet: all of it puts an additional fire under you.
We miss you, too.

srt said...

I for one am feeeling absolutely no sense of loss or lonliness because of your absense; absolutely none.

I hope you Michael and Brent have a lovely freaking time amidst the edenic landscape; you shmucks deserve each other.