Monday, January 16, 2006

the world's saddest song

So someone recognized the lines from the post below to be a riff on the Stephin Merritt song "Asleep and Dreaming." I had orginally intended to put "a la Stephin Merritt (by way of Gertrude Stein)" at the end, but then figured no one would know or care (I mean who reads this blog anyway?) But now I'll at least put the mp3 up to the saddestsweetest song in the world that makes me cry every time I hear it.


YvonneConstance said...

choosing the saddest merritt song may be impossible. but my choice is one he wrote as the 6ths called "as you turn to go" sung by momus. I don't know if the lyrics are by momus or merritt:
Let the camera linger on your perfect skin
Your widows peak and your lucky grin
And the bluest eyes I know
As you turn to go
Let there be a record of your gorgeous voice
The turn of phrase that filled my days with joy
Something like Bing singing soft and low
As you turn to go
I know I`m not supposed to say I`m sorry
I know you`ve had more loves than Mata Hari
But you know you`re the star of my life story
And I`m so sorry
Let the poets struggle to describe your heart
Your art of love and your love of art
Well, if you ever loved me
Tell me so
As you turn to go

kfd313 said...

Yeah, I know it's kind of silly to pick the "saddest merritt song." And the one you quote here is really heartbreaking just to read, but there's something about "Asleep and Dreaming" that gets me very time. I'll have to take a listen to this one tho.

James Jenner said...

Some people read your blog... there are even some like me who enjoy reading it...

But that's just one faraway dude's opinion...


Underneath it all
we talk
over and above what is
so why not stay a while
and let me dream
of life with you.

I will not make a hollow pledge
of empty words
which promise something
I can’t give

The wind:
the sea:
or starlight’s shimmer
on your hair.

The bond I undertake to seek
exchanges comforts
found from understanding
and being understood

when I gaze upon your form
I see emotion as a mirage
the one love
who will never truly
stand before me.

Your flesh can be
only touched in dreams
when reality comes alive
in epic tales
played out nightly
or in that half snooze state
I sometimes get to fool around in

A world where my desire for you can be indulged.